Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask by Lush

cup o’ coffee face and body mask by lush

My baby sister, Lain, has been telling me about this Cup O’ Coffee Face And Body Mask by Lush forever. And as much as I trust her taste I for whatever reason have forgotten to grab it any time I’ve walked by Lush’s store. I blame the heavenly smells that pour out of that establishment — they do something to the brain.

So, when I saw this mask awaiting me inside the Christmas gift she gave me I was floored. “Be honest when you review it,” she said, “Don’t feel like you have to give positive feedback!”

And Lain, I’m being honest when I say this is my new favorite mask. No joke. The way it is with most masks is that you use them on faith that they are working. Even when you spend too long for admission in front of your magnified mirror, you can’t notice many changes in your face if any. But as is with most skincare, it takes a while to notice results so you typically just stop looking for said results right when you wash off your mask.

cup o’ coffee face and body mask by lush

This time though, I washed off the mask and not only did my face look visibly brighter, but some stubborn black heads had managed to get dislodged. Ew gross I know. But impressive, right?

On top of that I’m a sucker for anything coffee scented. Whether it’s a candle, lotion, or lip gloss. But in a mask? Take my money!

And at $11.95 it’s a total steal. I’m sure it’d run out much faster if you were to use it all over your bod, but at least when applied to just the face, I know I’ll get quite a few treatments out of it.

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