Every Day Look

Every Day Look

This here outfit is the perfect example of one of my go-to, every day looks.

It’s comfortable, easy to throw on last minute (which is a must with this pj-loving girl who doesn’t like to change into jeans until she must), with some trendiness thrown in.

Every Day LookRecognize the jeans? They are the same ones that I got in my Stitch Fix shipment this month, but since Stitch Fix didn’t have the size I needed I found them online and bought them, I loved them so much.

These jeans are comfy and cool and perfect with Josiah’s white t-shirt. Yep. It’s his. I think it’s Hanes and came in a value pack. Ahhhh. The best kind!

The shoes were also from my Stitch Fix this month, and the jacket was from a Stitch Fix shipment I got a while back. It’s reversible too which is oh so fun.

To me there is nothing as sweet as a good outfit that makes you feel relaxed. That is how this one is for me. I feel like I could go shopping, hang with a friend or watch a movie. This look can do it all.

Every Day Look

And I’m telling you, when your life feels a bit hectic or crazy and bummer-y these kinds of looks make one feel just a touch more comforted.

Speaking of hectic and bummer-y stuff, that’s kind of how my life is right now. There is so much I’m having fun with, so much I’m loving about my life. But there is also a lot that is hard and wearing on me. I think if you could describe my life right now in one word it would be: bittersweet.

Every Day Look

Since my Endometriosis + infertility diagnoses my whole world has kind of shifted. I can’t get into all the details in this post (I’ll write about it soon), but there is more effected in my life by this stuff than I can describe. Josiah and I are having to make all kinds of decisions we didn’t think we would have to. But that’s life, right? You can’t control the hand you’re dealt. You just gotta play the cards right. Now I have zero ideas on how that actually looks, but it sure sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Every Day Look

For now I’m going to slip into my every day outfit, pour myself some coffee and live life in the here and now as best I can.

Love to you,



Outfit Details

-Jeans (here) — Paige

-Jacket (similar option here) — Michael Stars

-Shoes (via Stitch Fix) — Franco Sarto

-T-shirt (similar option here) — Hanes

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