Korean Style

Korean style

Though Harajuku has my favorite street fashion, I’m a sucker for good Korean style too. Which is why I flipped when I found this Korean brand (Olene) Audrey Hepburn tee in NYC at the Broadway Market in SoHo.

The girl who sold it to me was Korean and gave me a hand folded origami flower for good luck, just because. She was a fun and wonderful ray of sunshine!

Korean style

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to wear it but there it hung in my closet waiting for two months. I think when I buy certain favorite statement pieces I feel like I can only wear them on special occasions, when in reality I should just be wearing them all the time.

So, by the time I was ready for it, it had gotten pretty cold here in Dallas. But thank goodness for turtlenecks! I really think this turtle neck added to the tee, elevating it. And in the spirit of working Summer wear into a winter wardrobe I grabbed my favorite platform sandals and paired them with some black socks.

Korean style

Back to the Korean t-shirt. The thing I love most about it is that it sort of represents my inner style heart perfectly. Hear me out.

I’ve always been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. She was such a beauty inside and out. Graceful, loving, and classy she exemplified the kind of person I admire, and from which I want to learn. And to top it all off she had that effortless, ageless style that was truly impeccable.

Korean style

But as much as I admire her style, I am equally drawn to dark, edgy and quirky style too. And my general interests are just as diverse. I love Halloween, I love David Bowie, I love Harajuku, I love cinema. And I’ve wondered how any of that can pair with my love for things like the Pioneer Woman, Martha Stewart (yep), home farming, sewing, crafting, and Audrey Hepburn.

Well the question isn’t whether it can pair but how.

I think I’m learning you don’t have to try to make yourself make sense. So what if you have a passion for a million different things? So what if your point of view seems truly dichotomous? Isn’t that how we got sweet and salty food or dark humor? Seemingly opposite things can go together. Like this edgy t-shirt with Audrey Hepburn’s face on it.

Korean style

Therefore I can be open about all the things that make me, me. It might not make sense when you look at each individual part, but put it all together and you get Jess.

I hope you hear this for yourself today. Maybe you’re already a maverick at self acceptance, but if you happen to be like the rest of us — scared to let our weird flags fly — then I hope you feel inspired today. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself or make yourself fit tiny, square molds. Make your own mold!

Love to you,


Korean style

Outfit Details

-Audrey Hepburn Tee (similar option here) — Olene (small Korean brand bought via Broadway market in SoHo NYC)

-Turtleneck (here) — Topshop

-Black Skinny Jeans (here) — BLANKNYC

-Platform Sandals (here) — Rocket Dog

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