Pleated Trousers Look

Pleated Trousers

Who knew pleated trousers would come back with a bang? I sure didn’t, but I’m thrilled they did. These babies are comfy, cool, and they have that oversized look of which I’m a particular fan. If you were to run into me on a normal day you’d most likely see me wearing something loose-fitting, as I find comfort many times wins when I’m reaching into my closet.

Pleated Trousers

I love paring the trousers with these clear heels too because it adds some extra glam vibes. These heels have a cool way of looking like they are floating above the ground. It makes me feel all wraith-y.

Back to the trousers though, I am going to admit I was nervous about trying them. For whatever reason they were pushing me to step out of comfort zone.

To me, this is the sweetest spot in personal style and fashion. When you are feeling a little uncomfortable is when you’re typically rocking a special stroke of genius. At least that’s what I’ve found. Not that I’m at all calling this outfit genius. I’m just saying I like it. And also sometimes when you’re pushed outside your comfort zone it CAN result in genius….Don’t quote me on any of this.


Pleated Trousers
Yes, I’m totally wearing two different socks. What can I say? I’m a lazy laundry-doer.

I wonder why, in light of positive results coming from discomfort, I still get so anxious when it happens. Maybe it’s fear of judgement or failure? I don’t know. But either way I’m open to more of these kind of “out of my comfort zone” experiences.

Now remember I said “open to it,” not chomping at the bit for it! I like my comfort zone enough, thank you very much. And though I adore change and tend to be super restless, that doesn’t mean I like feeling out of my element all the time, all willy nilly.

Pleated Trousers

See how defensive I’m getting? Man this comfort zone business is quite the trigger!

Well, just try some trousers, ok? I think you’ll like them!

I’m going to be talking with my therapist about this comfort zone thing. Yeesh.

Love to you!



Outfit Details

-Sweater (similar option here) — J.O.A. (via Stitch Fix)

-Pleated Trousers (similar option here) — Topshop

-Clear Heels (similar option here) — Jeffrey Campbell

-Cube Bag (similar option here) — Topshop

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