Wintry White Look

Wintry White Look

I love this wintry white look so much. It’s so simple and so easy to wear. It is made up of only three pieces (the sweater, jeans and booties), yet is quite striking when paired all together.

I think it’s so funny that wearing white after Labor Day was some kind of “fashion rule” no-no for so long. I wonder where that “rule” came from, and even more so, why people chose to follow it.Wintry White Look



I can’t judge following odd “fashion rules” though, because I’ve totally done it myself. I think I finally quit caring about these said rules altogether when someone called out an apparent fashion transgression I had committed. I remember looking down at my outfit, then looking up at this person and saying something along the lines of: “So what?”

Perhaps fashion and style rules were made up for some kind of yesteryear propriety, or maybe they were simply instated to help people avoid embarrassment from seeming unfashionable. Whatever the reason, I think they are silly and antiquated.

Why? Because ask any trend-setter, ask any artist, ask any great mind if they followed these sorts of rules and most likely they’d say no. Sure, if one wishes to just look acceptably good I think they are completely entitled to follow any style rules they come across and vibe with. But if you’re just afraid of criticism, stand up against the asinine critiques rather than change yourself and your point of view.

Wintry White Look

Anyway, I love wearing white after Labor Day. White makes the best winter color because it’s reminiscent of snow. At least that’s what I like about it! 😉

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Outfit Details

-White Sweater (here) — Free People

-White Jeans (similar option here) — Warp+Weft

-Booties (here) also featured in this post — Marc Fischer LTD

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