Corduroy Dress Outfit

Corduroy Dress

I’m looking at these pics of myself, so happy, wearing my corduroy overall dress, using my feet like feet are supposed to be used. Ahh the good ol’ days of feet usage. What bliss.

Why am I talking so much about feet? Well, I’m sort of off mine for now and will be for a while apparently. If you follow me on instagram you most likely know all about this already, but basically I mysteriously injured my foot and toe a couple weeks ago. Ever since in my house it’s been all, “No more using that foot, Jess! You have a stress fracture! Do you want to make it worse? Sit down for god’s sake!” Sheesh.

I mean I can hobble about, but I can’t walk normally, jog, dance, or trot anymore. And believe it or not, having the option to trot taken away has been quite the nuisance.

Josiah keeps saying to relax, take it easy. But something unpleasant happens to my psyche when I stay stationary for a long period of time. It starts out as restlessness, then turns into aggravation, then stress, then depression, then exhaustion. It doesn’t blow my skirt up is what I’m saying. And it makes me all mopey and crabby by the end of the day.

Corduroy Dress

Sorry. Did you come into this blog post expecting me to talk about the outfit? You probably did. I mean that’s what it’s advertising, right? I should get on to it. See how my mind wanders all over the place when I sit too long? Did you know I write most all of my blog posts while pacing around my house? Yes, that is a true statement. I write my posts on my phone while pacing. Pacing keeps my mind sharp. Sitting does not.

Now where were we?

Oh right! The outfit!

I love this outfit. The corduroy overall dress is so retro and the ruffle plaid shirt is a fun touch. When I originally tried on the shirt I thought it looked a little clownish, but then I just embraced it and it worked. Hey, don’t let those little voices in the back of your head stop you from trying a new look. You know those voices. They’re the ones that try to protect you from embarrassment by preempting the teasing and judgment themselves. Tell them, “Hey thanks for trying to protect me, but I’ve got this. I’m going to have fun with this outfit!”

Remember, they are only clothes! Wonderful, beautiful, fun, lovely, playful, chic clothes. But what matters is who is wearing them! YOU are the magic.

Corduroy Dress

Love y’all! Thanks for stopping by! Oh hey by the way, could you come over here and help me hobble around for the next 1 to 8 weeks? It’ll be easy! Just let me use you as a human crutch while I go about my day! Are you in? Hello?


Outfit Details

-Plaid Ruffle Shirt (similar option here) — Madewell

-Corduroy Dress (here) — Topshop

-Booties (similar option here) — Halogen

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