Melt My Heart Massage Bar

Lush Melt My Heart

This Melt My Heart massage bar is delightful. It’s moisturizing and yummy smelling (very strongly of cocoa) and it feels like a bit of the spa has come home with you.

As much as I like it though, I must say I’m a touch biased against it. See, my very first introduction to Lush was with a massage bar. And it stole my heart so hard that I doubt many if any massage bars will ever be able to stand up to my great love for it.

I’ll never forget my first Lush encounter. Josiah and I were dating back then, and we were on one of our favorite go-to dates: a walk around the Galleria mall in Dallas. It was the perfect in-between spot to meet up on our respective work lunch breaks, plus it had an Auntie Anne’s which was one of our favorite meal spots (Yes, back then we lived off of pretzels and soda) and had one of those bin candy stores (I also lived off of candy. Did I mention I was horribly unhealthy?), both of which truly sweetened the deal.

Lush Melt My Heart

Anyway, one day while walking blissfully hand-in-hand we both smelled the most amazing smell in the world. We had never smelled such a smell before, and upon following our noses we walked straight into the store we had never heard of up until that point, called “Lush.”

Well, the rest is history as you well know. I’ve been completely addicted to Lush products ever since, and you know what? This addiction is well worth it!


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