Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream

Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream

The “naked” part about Tender is the Night naked shower cream, is that it is 100% package-free. It’s basically shower cream in a solid form. I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too when I first discovered this product, “A solid form of shower cream? Isn’t that just a bar of soap?”

And while I fully expected to report that it was just a bar of soap, I was somewhat surprised to see the consistency was definitely more, well, creamy. It feels like shower cream and a soap bar made a love child and this is it. Is it necessary? Nope. But whoever said anything about necessary? It’s darn fun, is what it is! It’s yummy and delicious (I promise I’m not actually consuming this stuff) and is all the stuff your shower dreams are made of.

Ok, maybe not. I guess I don’t know anything about your shower dreams, nor do I ever want to. But this stuff is divine. The smell, oh my gosh the smell. It’s so luxurious and feminine. That’s not to say it’s just for women. But for some reason it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Like, if Marilyn Monroe was a shower cream she would be this one for sure.

The only downside about this stuff is the steep price. At $24.95 you expect it to be pretty dang amazing. And though I can’t say I know how long it will last, I can say it’s amazing. When I was using it I thought to myself, “This kind of product is why I fell in love with Lush and will continue to do so.” Those guys just know what they are doing. Seriously, are there drugs in their products?

But I do promise to keep you guys informed as to how long this naked shower cream lasts. I just started using it so I can’t say yet, but I will come back here and update this post when I’ve used it all up.

Have you tried this stuff? What do you think?

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