Unique Dallas Date Ideas

unique date ideas in dallas

Sometimes when you live somewhere for a long time, coming up with a unique date idea gets tough. And for those of us from Dallas we know that while there are a plethora of options for date nights, sometimes it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut as most of it revolves around eating at restaurants, seeing movies and shopping at malls.

While I can’t say I have many suggestions entirely outside of this realm, I can say I’ve been happy to find some cool little diamonds in the rough within those categories that can spice up a date night in a jiff.

  1. Scaredello Cheese: This little artisan cheese shop off of Oak Lawn Avenue is such a treasure. It’s not only one of those rare mom and pop types, but its quality cheeses from all over the world are excellent and the atmosphere feels more like it’s in NYC. The best part about this place is the cheese class. For $40 per person you can enjoy a chill evening in the shop set amongst other patrons with a cheese board full of countless cheeses, paired foods in bite-size form, and wine as cheese experts take you step by step through each cheese. You’ll be educated on everything from the way the cheeses are made to the subtle flavor variances in each. It has been one of my favorite date nights Josiah and I have had in the area. So much so I plan on going again. And again. And again?
  2. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Although from the outside looking in it seems to be just another restaurant meets theatre style joint, Alamo Drafthouse offers so much more. The niche crowd that Alamo is perfect for is the cinephile geek. Do you love little known quirky films from just about every era of film history? Hit up their monthly AGFA (American Genre Film Archive) night for just $5 per ticket. You’ll not only learn interesting facts about the film of the month, but you’ll get to see it in real 35mm film. Plus every month the AGFA film is a total surprise so you never know what you’re going to get (which is my favorite part)! If you’re less into a surprise evening they also offer movie parties for cult classics, as well as fun trivia nights (sans movie) in their fully stocked bar.
  3. Curiosities: Antique shops can be a hit or miss, and not all people are even antique shop people to begin with. However, Curiosities is not just like any old antique store. Located in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas, this little gem feels nothing like those pretentious antiquities full of fancy dressing tables and arrogant old broads babysitting your every move. Instead it’s stocked full of fascinating finds of all kinds. You’ll discover anything from old family photos from the 1800s to odd taxidermy. It’s also not just random junk either. It’s been carefully curated and makes for a fabulous afternoon of wandering through its aisles with your honey, poring over the unique little treasures left and right.
  4. Pocket Sandwich Theater: This is one of my favorite DFW treasures. This isn’t just any ol’ play house, but a delightful little place filled with magic and fun. If you’re an adult that is a kid at heart this is the place for you. The plays are typically spoofs of popular stories (i.e. Dracula, Lord of the Rings, Hercules, A Christmas Carol, etc.) that are cleverly written with hilarity at every turn. They also call for audience participation in the form of boos, cheers, and plenty of free popcorn to throw at the characters. Along with the Scardello Cheese class I think this is another of my very favorite dates Josiah and I have ever had.
  5. 85 Degrees Bakery: If you love coffee and dessert place this spot has you covered in spades. Filled to the brim with unique Asian sweet treats that aren’t too pricey, this place offers up a self-serve style (almost like a cafeteria set up) that is a delightful step out of the norm. Try several little bites along with their coffee or specialty beverages. If you hit up the location in Richardson you can walk to another fun spot, Cosplay ’N Charm which offers up adorable Kawaii trinkets and Harajuku styled clothes.

If you live in the Dallas area what are some of your favorite unique date spots? I would LOVE to hear!

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