Film Friday: Kill, Baby, Kill!

For my final Halloween Horror Film theme going on this month, I bring something for all you ghost story lovers out there. Kill, Baby, Kill! is a crazy cool, atmospheric haunt of a flick, complete with gruesome human ends and terrifying, murderous specters. The whole vibe of this movie is especially neat being released in 1966. And the director, Mario Bava, is also known for his genius in Black Sunday (and many others).

Though this piece definitely has its own fair share of gore, the lower key version of it (in comparison with today’s horror tripe that is so commonly pushed out by the Hollywood machine — ok, sorry. I’m stepping off my soap box) is pretty, dare I say, charming?

Don’t let the retro nature fool you, though. There are plenty of genuinely creepy moments to be had.

Finally, if you’re one who’s never gotten into foreign films, let this be the film that shows you just all that you’ve been missing out on.

Happy Halloween, my friends! I hope you enjoy!


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