Cooking with PW: Orange Sweet Rolls

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls

Dear PW,

I am starting this whole project where I make your recipes. All of them. Well, not all at once, but you get the picture.

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls
This is me eating your sweet rolls. I like your sweet rolls. This doesn’t sound good.

I decided to make your orange sweet rolls today from your Food From My Frontier book. Can I just say, homemade sweet rolls are a bajillion times better than the store bought ones? Here I thought I wasn’t a big fan of sweet rolls and then I bite into one of these beauties and my world changes.

I’ve never rolled anything like this, so I’ll just say the shapes turned out to be less like little swirls and more like small intestines. But hey, they taste the same, right? (Right? I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever accidentally made sweet small-intestine shaped versions of these rolls but if you have, will you let me know about any taste discrepancies?)

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls
Proof my orange sweet rolls look like small intestines

How’s the farm? My own little farm (read: very small house) is doing well. My dog threw up on my floor the other day and it was gross. Do your dogs ever throw up? How about your cows? Can cows throw up?

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls
Getting a good pic before I was rudely interrupted…

This is probably not something I should be discussing while looking at pictures of these rolls (read: small intestines).

Well, even though it’s just me, Josiah and the dogs, it’s a really happy little farm (house) that we call Home. I love nothing more than watching Josiah play fetch with the dogs, or cuddling as an entire family while we watch an ungodly amount of Netflix.

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls
…by my adorable dog Oxford (He’s not actually rude. He just wants a bite of these orange sweet rolls)!

We may not have toddling kiddos at the time, but we are still a family. And though I really hope to one day have said kiddos, I’m still really happy.

cooking with pw orange sweet rolls
And I will neither confirm nor deny whether he got a bite. But seriously, how do you say no to this face?

Well, it’s time I get to cleaning up this dang kitchen. I’m terrible about cleaning as I go. And judging by your pics in the backs of all your cookbooks, I think you can relate 😉

Until next time,


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