Casual Valentine’s Outfit

Casual Valentine's Look

If I’m going to be honest, the most probable Valentine’s outfit I’d reach for is this casual Valentine’s look. It’s just comfortable. And y’all I’m hardcore comfort-obsessed. I’m kind of worried about myself already. Like, how far am I from the medical shoes + elastic pants level? I don’t know. But I can totally understand why some ladies out there live their entire lives in slippers and a moo moo.

My poor, poor husband. We didn’t move in together until after our wedding, so while he knew I was the kind of girl comfortable enough with herself to go out in public in mis-matched sweats, he didn’t know just how much of my life is spent looking that way.

I roll out of bed, grab the nearest loungewear or stay in my current pjs and unless I have to leave my house that day, I stay this way until bed time. Sometimes I “spruce myself up” by getting out of my pjs and putting on fresh ones. It makes me feel like an adult.

Casual Valentine's Look

And when I do leave the house, I relent to putting on actual clothing with buttons and zippers and laces etc. But as soon as I’m back home? I make a b-line for my loungewear again. Jeans??? In your own home??? I have one question: WHY

You think I’m joking, I’m not. There is zero exaggeration here. Ask Josiah.

So, while I might love my other two Valentine’s outfits more (and I do), this one allows me to wrap myself up all cozy-like and pretend I’m back home in my robe. And a robe to me is real love.

Casual Valentine's Look

Nope. Scratch that. Josiah staying with me despite all of this is real love.

I’m a lucky girl.


Outfit Details

-Knot front top (here) — Lush (not to be confused with this Lush)

-Cardigan (similar option here) — B.P.

-Jeans (here) — Paige

-Embroidered booties (here) — Marc Fisher

-Leather bag (similar option here) — a Spanish flea market purchase given to me by my dad. It’s handmade apparently. Isn’t my dad so sweet?

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