Cooking with PW: Candy-Dipped S’mores

pioneer woman candy dipped smores

Dear PW,

This last weekend I made your Candy-Dipped S’mores from the Valentine’s section of your A Year of Holidays cookbook. These s’mores are cray cray rich. Like sinfully rich. After consuming two I promptly went to the nearest church to cleanse myself.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
This part was so easy. Like dangerously easy (I might make them again and soon)! BTW did you know Nutella changed their recipe?

Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? Ok, I know it’s supposed to have been made up by the greeting card companies or candy companies or whatever, but I don’t care. Any holiday that gives me an excuse to eat horrifying amounts of sweets is my kind of holiday.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
This is when it started getting messy. Apparently I don’t know how to candy-dip like a freakin’ adult.

In actuality I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even when I didn’t have a significant other. I think it’s just a great day to enjoy making our loved ones feel special. Speaking of this, one of my favorite Valentine’s Days happened last year.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
Exhibit A

That winter my dad had been going on and on about this new tumbler he had found that “Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours! It’s incredible!.” He couldn’t stop talking about it, preaching from the rooftops and singing its praises everywhere he went. He did this so much it had become an almost running joke in our family.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
But ok wait, look how delicious that looks.

Well, that Valentine’s was an especially chilly day here in Dallas. My husband and I decided we would stay in to avoid the weather, and just as we were about to sit down for dinner we heard a knock at the door.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
I started getting the hang of it. They aren’t as pretty as the cookbook ones, but really how can you mess s’mores up?

I went to answer it and lo and behold, there on my doorstep standing in the freezing cold was my dad. And in his hands he was carrying a bright pink version of his favorite tumbler.

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
The finished product!

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” He said with one of those tough-dude dad smiles. “I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you,” and he handed me the tumbler. “I found it in pink,” he said enthusiastically. And then added, “I hope you like pink.”

pioneer woman candy dipped smores
Gosh these things are good…In fact I might go eat one…Right the hell now! Give me my FOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Needless to say, it made my heart full.

I hope this Valentine’s is full of love for you and yours!



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